Operation W.I.T.

by Feb 11, 2021

Program Update – 2022

As a program of From Cradle to College Foundation, Inc.,  Operation WIT provided valuable services and community impact through Manatee County funding.  The Operation WIT program ceased operations as of 6.30.22.  Our thanks to all participants and program delivery staff for their part in this innovative program.


W.I.T. provides a multi-faceted approach to supporting young children to grow and develop to their maximum. We bring the learning to you with our mobile fleet of education vehicles. In our 10-week course, parents and family members will learn from the Practical Parenting Program or Effective Black Parenting Program while children receive instruction to help them become better prepared for school. Parents and children regroup to participate in an early childhood activity. In addition, participants will have the unique opportunity to practice learned skills on a local family field trip.


The program highlights a series of highly innovative and easy-to-use parenting strategies and skills. Overall, Operation W.I.T. teaches parents and others how to better connect with children.

While children receive instruction to help them be better prepared for school, parents practice skills with the support of the parent educator.

Community Impact

“One of the things that have impressed me about the W.I.T. program is they are trying to get through to parents on why and how they parent is so important. We can teach the kids to read at school, an after-school program, or preschool, but if they don’t read at home, we have done nothing. If they do read at home, we can send them all the way through to college and get to the top of their class, but they need to be reading at home, which means we need to get the parents involved. Operation W.I.T. is a step. We will find things that work, don’t work, but as long as we keep trying, this is a goal worthy of resolving.”

Dr. Guffanti

“I wish this class was around when my children were growing up. I have learned new ways of parenting, such as discipline and praise. It was fun and informative, and we all loved coming to class each week. My grandchildren use to be on YouTube all the time and now are wanting to read the books sent home every week. Because of this class, they are excited about learning and reading. We now have a star of their own library and have library cards. Mine and my grandkids’ lives have been changed forever because of this program and the people who helped.”

Melissa Kennedy


Questions about Operation W.I.T.?

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