Mobile Community Center


The From Cradle To College Foundation (FCTCF) is delighted to be implementing a new food distribution and COVID-19 prevention program that will continue the fight against the impact of the on-going health pandemic in Manatee County.

FCTCF received a grant of almost $315,000 from Manatee County CARES Act funding to purchase a brand-new school bus that was then converted into a state-of-the-art mobile food distribution vehicle and COVID-19 prevention resource unit.


The Plan

The new vehicle – in partnership with Feeding Tampa Bay who will supply the majority of the food – has been traveling to remote and underserved areas in Manatee County since September 20th and helped facilitate dozens of feeding events!

Once the pandemic is over, the vehicle will become a Mobile Community Center and take education and literacy programs on the road to the local communities and children.

Paul Sharff, FCTCF Managing Director, said: “We would like to once again thank Manatee County administration for this critical funding as the community continues to pull together to continue the fight against COVID-19. There is clearly still an ongoing need for food distribution in the local community and, having worked closely with our friends at Feeding Tampa Bay for the past two years on various food distribution programs, we are determined to keep on helping as many families as possible until we hopefully emerge as quickly as possible through this crisis.”

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