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A Plan to Protect the Youngest Children

Below is an excerpt from an article written by Marie O’Connell for the Domestic Preparedness Journal June 2024 issue called “A Plan to Protect the Youngest Children”. To read the entire article, click here.

Today’s world presents many challenges that impact school children. Targeted violence, drug addiction, and human trafficking do not exclude children, including those in preschools. In October 2022, a tragic incident occurred at a Thailand daycare, resulting in the death of 24 children. In February 2024, two teens were apprehended while traveling to Texas after threatening to carry out a shooting at a daycare there. In May 2024, a man poured flammable liquid at the entrance of a preschool with 48 children inside. As deadly incidents like Uvalde and alarming threats continue, there is an ever-increasing focus on assisting K-12 public schools with training, notification systems, and environmental improvements. However, those educating the youngest, most vulnerable children are likely unable to access specific resources.

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